Zephyr Acupuncture  specializes in Classical Chinese Medicine and massage. Services include acupuncture and moxibustion, herbal medicine, numerous massage modalities, and CranioSacral therapy — administered by the knowing hands of Sarah Chase.

Classical Chinese Medicine

Sarah Chase is a licensed practitioner of the ancient art of Classical Chinese Medicine — a holistic medical tradition based on the traditional parameters of Daoist philosophy. Classical Chinese Medicine emphasizes contemplation, self-inquiry, and harmony with nature as a means of healing. Sarah studied at the Daoist Traditions College of Medical Arts under the lineage of Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen — a world leader in Classical Chinese Medicine (learn about Classical vs. Traditional Chinese Medicine).
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Massage Therapy & Bodywork

Massage is an essential component of Classical Chinese Medicine and any wellness program. Sarah's techniques are informed by the dialogue between your body and her hands. She draws on over a decade of experience, deep listening, and intuition to choose which technique you need.
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Why Zephyr?

"Zephyr" is the gentle wind of the West from Greek mythology. Wind provokes change. The Zephyr represents the natural changes that provide our motivational force and guidance to move and grow. But wind also represents the challenges to our will/zhi. The wind will always come and we will always change. Zephyr Acupuncture practices medicine that helps people navigate and adapt to the challenges that the wind can carry with greater ease and grace. Sarah's approach is characterized by intuition, kindness, and an open heart — bringing deep healing for the mind, body, and spirit.
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Scheduling an Appointment

Zephyr Acupuncture welcomes everyone — whether in need of pain relief, emotional resiliency, or help reconnecting to their soul purpose. We're located in the heart of Portland's Hollywood District in the downstairs annex of Temple Medicine. There is convenient parking behind the building. You can call, email, or schedule online.