Born on the banks of the Mississippi River, in the farmlands of Iowa — Sarah Chase has always enjoyed observing nature and the natural flow of the season’s cycles. She loved traveling all over the country with her grandmother and seeing the different landscapes and lifestyles the world has to offer.

Things really started to make sense to Sarah when she was introduced to alternative healing methods and metaphysical studies as a teenager.

Sarah immersed herself in the arts, and received a BFA in Ceramics in Athens, GA. After she graduated, she decided to really follow her heart and combine her two loves — yoga and massage — by attending the Asheville School of Massage and Yoga in Asheville, NC. When she first saw the city nestled in the oldest mountains in the world, she knew it was where she belonged. It was a transformational experience that changed her from the inside out. After she graduated massage school, she began to work as an acupuncture assistant at the Chinese Acupuncture and Herbology Clinic which opened her up to the world of Chinese medicine. Finally a medicine that felt like it could get to the root of colds and fevers and physical pain and even emotional distress.  As soon as the first needle was placed and she had her first feeling of qi sensation, she knew that she wanted to know as much as possible about Chinese medicine.

Moving to Portland has brought about an exceptional amount of growth, new connections, and new ideas. Her practice continues to grow in exciting ways that have challenged and surpassed her conception of the human body and its innate capacity to heal. She loves preparing delicious meals for her family with fresh local ingredients, taking trips to the coast in search of marine life, and breathing in the Western Red Cedar at Mt. Tabor with her dog, Puddin'.



Client Success Stories

Finding Sarah Chase at Zephyr Acupuncture was life-changing for me and my husband! I had been to an acupuncturist regularly before, but Sarah is truly in a different category altogether. She integrates a multitude of practices and is genuine and caring. I saw results I had never seen before in years of physical therapy and acupuncture on an old injury. For me, her rich knowledge of herbs and CranioSacral massage was even more valuable. She has also helped my husband with joint pain — he had pain in his hands that has gone away! I really believe that her carefully-targeted support and positive, calming energy throughout my treatments are why I have been free from pain and insomnia since beginning treatments with her.  I highly recommend her as a practitioner and a person!
-Ann Marie
Sarah Chase was born to be a healing arts practitioner. The range of her healer persona is vast - whether she is feeling playful and wanting to create an elegant energy formation based on where she places needles, or offering a sensitive touch to a sore neck, she is someone I trust deeply. I have been seeing her for about two years now, and I am shocked with how my health — on ALL levels — has progressed. I came in with issues that I thought were just a part of life — poor digestion/gut health, and a lot of neck pain. Now, these big issues have moved on to be forgotten past times. I am so grateful to be a client of Sarah's. Physical, emotional, or spiritual issues, she's your girl!